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Click a Map Pin for information about how a solid, sustainable EMS System has made a vital difference in the lives of residents and visitors of the Rural Pikes Peak region. Securing proper funding and continuing to develop an efficient and effective budget is the goal of the Friends of EMS Committee, and why we support the Sales Tax Initiative.

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Case Study 1

Jodi from Woodland Park
Jodi’s car went over the side of a wall and fell more than 20 feet with her inside, causing profound internal injuries and broken bones. UPRAD paramedic Nick Zuber was on scene within two minutes of the call to 911. He provided treatment and managed Jodi’s pain.

“The Paramedic explained everything and was very kind. I thank him and all the others like him working for UPRAD in our community”.

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Case Study 2

Phyllis from Woodland Park
Phyllis had been feeling bad most of the day. Her family called 911 and UPRAD paramedics arrived just as Phyllis went into cardiac arrest. The paramedics started CPR and placed a breathing tube. After several very tense minutes, Phyllis’ heart responded to the treatment. Because of the fast response and heroic intervention of EMS, Phyllis walked out of the hospital several days later.

“I am so grateful for the EMTs and Paramedics in Teller County. We are so blessed to have UPRAD here”.

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Case Study 3

Michael from Woodland Park
Mike fell nearly twenty feet from a ladder and sustained a head injury. Upon UPRAD’s arrival, Mike was found unresponsive and having a seizure. The paramedic on scene quickly worked on Mike, stopping his seizure with IV medications and delivering him to an awaiting trauma team. Mike has since made a full recovery and is back home with his wife, but now he leaves the ladder work to others.

“Not only did UPRAD provide amazing care to Mike, but Jim the paramedic even went above and beyond while helping me at the hospital after he transported Mike”.

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Case Study 4

Pat from Divide
Pat’s son sustained traumatic injuries, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. The UPRAD crew quickly began life saving measures and brought him back to life.

“Simply the friendliest, most professional people ever. They saved my son’s life”.

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Case Study 5

Larry from Florissant
Larry started having life threatening seizures after a fall. Paramedic Campbell responded from UPRAD’s Florissant station. Upon arrival to the scene Paramedic Campbell quickly gave medications to stop the seizure. Any time delay could have met with catastrophe.

“The ambulance service was exceptional, we are very fortunate to have UPRAD here in Florissant”!

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Case Study 6

Catherine from Florissant
Catherine had increased breathing problems all day and was unable to speak by the time her family called 911. When Ute Pass Regional Ambulance District paramedics arrived just a few minutes after the call, Catherine was moments from death. The paramedics placed her on a breathing machine and administered medications to help her lungs. By the time Catherine was delivered to the hospital she had made a near complete recovery.

“This was the one time in my life I needed an ambulance, the boys from UPRAD responded quickly and saved my life. They made my worst day a truly excellent experience. I give them an A+”.

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Case Study 7

Kimberly from Florissant
Kim began to have chest pain at work. Knowing it could be a heart attack, she quickly called 911. The ambulance paramedic quickly arrived, giving her medication to improve blood flow to the heart and stop any clots from getting larger. This ended her chest pain and she was rushed to the hospital for additional treatment.

“The UPRAD crew got there so fast that there was no permanent damage to my heart. I wish all ambulances where like UPRAD”.

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Case Study 8

William from Colorado Springs
While his wife was visiting her sister in rural Teller County, Sue began to show signs of a stroke. The family called 911 right away and an UPRAD ambulance arrived within a few minutes. The UPRAD paramedic identified a life-threatening stroke and ordered a helicopter. While transporting Sue to the landing zone, the UPRAD paramedic provided care to the patient.

“If it was not for the ambulance paramedics, she would be dead. My wife was in a very dark place before they arrived”.

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Case Study 9

Lisa from Texas
While visiting Colorado Lisa had a long fall from a rock face, causing injuries so severe that she could not walk or be carried out. Stuck several miles from a road Lisa was dependent on the UPRAD paramedic crew making it to her. The crew did make it and provided lifesaving care while transporting her out of the area and to the hospital.

“You guys at UPRAD saved my life. I can’t believe the crew was so skilled they could safely drive up a Jeep 4X4 road in an ambulance and back down with a patient, but I sure am lucky they did”.

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Case Study 10

Christopher from Florissant
Chris’s truck became hopelessly trapped in a desolate wilderness area. Dependent on supplemental oxygen Chris’s condition became desperate as his oxygen ran out. Rescuers arrived just in the nick of time providing him with oxygen and other lifesaving treatment, while safely evacuating him from the muddy, dark forest.

“UPRAD Paramedics responded quickly and kept me alive. It is the second time the crew from UPRAD has saved my life, our family is so indebted to them”.

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