The Solution

YES ON 7A     YES ON 7A     YES ON 7A

Please listen to “The Paramedic’s Song” as you read about The Solution.

Benefits of Approving the Initiative Include:

  • Takes the financial worry out of calling 911 for an ambulance. Residents receive insurance only billing for medically necessary ambulance services and transports.
  • Ensures availability of more ambulances to be ready for responding to emergencies.
  • Captures funding from visitors and the uninsured alike to pay for services that are not being paid for now.
  • Stabilizes funding sources and buys time for future service enhancements to be developed and implemented in a responsible manner, without jeopardizing current emergency response capabilities and quality.
  • Pays rising operational and training costs of providing ambulance services.
  • Funds medical and facility capital improvements projects as needed.
  • Enhances Paramedic and EMT recruitment and retention efforts to ensure quality providers are providing quality care.

Please vote YES on the 7A Sales Tax Initiative!

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